Calm the mind. Strengthen the body. Nurture the soul.

Feel more energized after just one practice.

Where Kettlebell Training Meets Yoga

What is  ?

Ketoga is a dynamic and unique 45-minute practice designed to empower you and strengthen your mind, body and soul.

The Ketoga practice is built on five pillars


A Ketoga practice gives you total-body toning, core strengthening, increased cardiovascular fitness and improved posture and balance—without a big time investment. This frees up your time to dedicate to other important aspects of life. 
 You can burn up to 700 calories in a 45 minute practice.


Ketoga demands full engagement of the body and mind. Breath work during Ketoga brings focus and attention to the present moment. Total body awareness improves as the whole body tunes in to in every movement. Meditation centers and calms the mind.


Ketoga incorporates powerful moves that create confidence and strength of willpower. The diversity of movement patterns and the stimulation of different muscle groups during a Ketoga practice accelerates functional strength gains. The exercises teach the body to do and become more.


Ketoga gives you the ability to complete your practice anytime anywhere. The poses in Ketoga lengthen the muscles and the movements are performed through the full range of motion which promote increased flexibility. Greater mobility can also be achieved through consistent practice.


Ketoga embraces and nurtures the well being of the body, mind and soul as it incorporates various aspects of physical strength, mental toughness and mindfulness through meditation. Cultivate better balance on the mat as you train with intention. Build lasting relationships as you connect with other Ketoga lovers from all around the world.

What is the Ketoga Experience?

The Ketoga Experience is a 6-week online coaching program that incorporates Ketoga into your current lifestyle along with all of the support and accountability that you need to get results. There are 2 parts to the Ketoga Experience – a physical movement practice along with an online-based curriculum broken down into 6 modules designed to empower you and help you thrive.

What kind of results can I expect to achieve?

Core Strength
Fat loss
More energy
A boost in self confidence
Mood enhancement
Greater ability to manage stress

Ketoga is for…

Yoga lovers who recognize the importance of strength training to sculpt and tone the body.
Strength trainers who want to incorporate more flexibility into their current training regimen.
Busy professionals and moms who want to dedicate time to exercise but cannot and do not want to spend hours in the gym.
Athletes who want to cross-train and maximize shoulder strength and stability.

Ketoga is designed to work with you no matter where you are on your fitness journey. The movements are progressive and can be adjusted to fit all of your training needs.

When you join the Ketoga Experience, you’ll receive everything you need to build Ketoga into your life, as busy as it may be.




45 minute practice to tone and sculpt the core and glutes


45 minute practice for total body transformation


6-Week Guide that includes tips and resources for best results.


A day-by-day guideline that helps you stay on track and fit your practice into your day.


Along with a list of foods to enjoy.


Easy, simple juice recipes.





Best practices for a solid night’s rest and calm mind.

Meet Chantal

Chantal is a mother of two, an entrepreneur, speaker, life coach and certified fitness and yoga instructor.

She is also the creator and founder of Ketoga. Ketoga is a kettlebell and yoga practice that fuses both of these workouts into a fun, effective and efficient fitness experience. For over two decades, Chantal has been empowering women to embrace the beauty of who they are and to live a life they desire in a body they truly love. Through her coaching, programs and courses, Chantal helps women find their authentic voice so that they can live an inspired life.

Chantal was born and raised in South Africa, and grew up playing a lot of tennis. Over time, she became a top junior athlete in the sport and attributes this consistent practice to developing certain qualities such as self-discipline, consistency and having a great mental attitude – both on and off the court. Her passion for living an active and healthy lifestyle has continued to thrive which has led her to deepen her studies in fitness, health, spirituality, human potential, nutrition and psychology. On a continual journey of personal discovery and self growth, she aims to share generously, serve wholeheartedly and contribute massively.

What you learn…

The Ketoga Experience is broken down into 6 Core Learning Modules. Each week, we will dive into and explore a different module over a live video call. These calls will also be recorded and can be replayed at any time. Part of the curriculum is to manifest healthy habits and positive lifestyle changes.

Module One

Start Where You’re At

In order to paint a picture of where you’d like to go and the kind of results you want to achieve, it is important to find out where you are starting from. In this module, you’ll take a physical assessment that serves as a starting point to gauge your innate capabilities. You’ll also establish a baseline so that you have specific markers along the way to keep you moving towards your goals.

Module two

Nourish Your Body

Nutrition is a fundamental part of living a healthy, vibrant and energetic life. This module is all about creating a sustainable and easy to follow meal plan that works for you. After all, there is no one-size-fits-all approach for everyone. You’ll have guidance around what foods to include in your day and what foods to stay away from, as well as when and how often you should eat for best results based on your personal goals and needs.

Module three

Mind Strong Part 1

In this module, we’ll explore the mind and how it relates to being healthy and fit. Mindset is the established set of attitudes and beliefs held by you. What you believe determines how you think and what you will and will not do. These beliefs can keep you on track or completely derail you. You’ll learn how to set your day up for success and how to be more present and aware during the day through a series of exercises designed to increase gratitude and awareness.

Module four

Mind Strong Part 2

This module introduces more mindset exercises to help you dig deeper into how you currently think and explore your current state of mind. In this module, we’ll also spend some time discussing your Ketoga practice and answer any questions related to your current training regimen.

Module five

Let’s Talk Shut Eye and Hydration

You’ll complete a sleep and water assessment to rate yourself in these two categories. Together, we’ll explore simple steps you can incorporate into your day and evening routine to promote healthy sleep patterns. We’ll also figure out if you are staying adequately hydrated and what you can do to optimize this crucial step towards healthy living.

Module six

Where are you at now?

In this module, we’ll reassess and you’ll see how far you’ve come in such a short amount of time. Your dedication and commitment to finishing what you started will give you an extra boost of confidence towards your next endeavor. By this point, you will have found a steady flow with your Ketoga practice and can continue to incorporate this practice into your daily lifestyle.


“I love Ketoga. The intensity is great and I love working all of the different muscle groups.”

Jamie P.

“I really enjoy the combination of yoga and weights. The intensity feels challenging every time and the practice gives me more energy.”

Michelle L.

“I felt complete transformation in my body. Not just in one area of my body but in all areas because I was doing so many different movements and focusing on so many different muscles. I lost inches off my thighs, my stomach and I felt things fit differently and really saw great results in only 6 weeks.”

Dina J.

“Ketoga has given me better flexibility. When I started Ketoga, I couldn’t do a squat. I can now do a squat with a Kettlebell.”

Patty P.

The   Experience Includes…

Ketoga Sculpt 45 Minute Practice

Transformation 45 Minute Practice

Body Transformation Guide

Training Calendar

Meal Plan

Juicing List

Assessment Tools & Measurment Tracker

Ultimate Mindset Guide

Sleep Guide

Private Facebook Group


Get Instant Access for Only $197

Traditional physical training programs can cost anywhere from $200-$750 per month or more.


We’re confident that if you do the work and participate in the program, you’ll get enormous benefit from this experience. And we’re happy to back that up with our risk-free guarantee.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the program take place?
Everything is online – no travel is required.
How is the Ketoga Experience different than other online courses?
The Ketoga Experience is facilitated in a group coaching environment so you will have the support and accountability to work through the program on your own time schedule.
The nature of the program is designed to empower your mind, body and soul so there
are different components to facilitate this.
When is the next session of the Ketoga Experience?
Registration for the class is open year-round.
What if I have never used a Kettlebell before?
Welcome to the community – you are not alone! This is where you can learn to use this remarkable training tool correctly and become proficient with it.
What equipment do I need?
I recommend one kettlebell to start with. Depending on your weight training experience, either a 10lb or a 15lb Kettlebell will work for women and a 25 lb or a 30 lb Kettlebell for men.
What if I have dumbbells on hand? Can I use those instead?
Yes, by all means! The main difference between a regular dumbbell and a kettlebell weight is that with a kettlebell, the weight is offset and unbalanced so that means you tend to work harder and burn more calories. However, you are not obliged to use the kettlebell and if you prefer to use dumbbells instead, by all means, do so.
Should I train barefoot?
To bare feet or not…well, the closer your heels are to the floor, the better. This allows for the activation of the posterior chain. Plus, one of the Core Pillars of Ketoga is connection and when you are barefoot, you are able to better connect to the earth…so if you feel comfortable doing so, go ahead and ditch your shoes or wear flat, thin-soled shoes (like Nike Free or boxing shoes) or yoga socks, so you can feel the ground.